Bananarama Psychology for Job Satisfaction

They were wearing sloppy jumpers, bearing midriffs and shaking their maracas telling us ‘it ain’t what you do, it’s the way that do it’ and by golly they were right. I’ve been delving a little deeper into the psychology of strength use at work this month and in this post I’m helping you tap into your under-used strengths in the workplace as a route to greater flourishing. Tambourines at the ready, let’s go. Years ago I read a post on an excellent psychology blog... Read More


Do you know how amazing your mind is? How awesome you are?  Yes, you are astonishing.  How about that as a welcome to January?  (But no, this isn’t a celebration of how well you did managing all those people, presents, palaver and general overwhelm at Christmas – although I’m sure you’re very deserving of praise on that front too). It’s astounding what complex things your brain undertakes every day and in this short Flourishing Female mailing I’d like to showcase... Read More