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Bravery & Bouncing Back

Sunday, March 23, 2014

One thing I love about our uber-socially-technologically connected world is the ability to make contact with people who might once have been out of reach. This month I’m bringing you an inspiring* interview with Kate Wilson, esteemed publisher who appeared on BBC Radio 4’s The Bottom Line programme with Evan Davis (Feb, 2014) discussing her firing in 2010. She’s a brilliant example of bouncing back and bravery. If you’re one of the people who flagged these as themes worth exploring in the reader survey last year then I hope you find it especially valuable. Equally if you’ve ever wondered... 

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Vince Cable

Mothers on Boards – research request to the FTSE 100

Sunday, March 16, 2014

You have a voice and if you work in a FTSE 100 company it would be terrific if you could use it to support a research request I made recently. On March 2nd 2014 I wrote to the main media contact for each of the FTSE 100 companies (the biggest 100 companies by market capitalisation listed on the London Stock Exchange). Land Securities Plc was the first to respond. Today, Sunday 14th March I’ve written again. Research request – e-mail to FTSE 100 companies 14/3/14 Dear X Vince Cable. Image by REX FEATURES I wrote to you two weeks ago asking your (or your client’s) board of directors... 

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How not to crumble when colleagues criticise

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I expect you’ve experienced that sicky-lurching-stomach sensation that accompanies a colleague’s unexpected criticism or undermining of you or members of your team. Last year I asked readers of my ‘Flourishing Female’ monthly newsletter about situations/skills they’d like me to explore in 2014; how to ‘be assertive’ and ‘keep it together in the face of criticism’ came up a number of times. Here follows some pointers on how to pre-empt such occasions and how to handle it when it happens. I can remember one particularly reddening occasion as a 24 year old, when a senior... 

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How to leave work on time and still be seen as committed

Saturday, February 15, 2014

“How can I leave on time and still be seen as committed?” In a room of coaches and employers at a seminar we ran at the University of Hertfordshire on maternity comeback coaching recently, this was the subject participants honed in on out of 28 themes marked up for potential discussion. You might like to download this post to share or digest later (pdf). The question comes up time and again when working in a coaching relationship with maternity returners. It’s often on the mind of anyone who is switching to a flexible style of working that goes against the cultural norm of their organisation.... 

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Mums Returning to Work


Maternity Comeback Coaching

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Maternity comeback coaching is about getting ready to return to your career and helping you make as smooth a transition back to your pre-leave performance as possible. The majority of coachees I work with in this guise are sponsored by their organisation and I work with them through The Talent Keeper Specialists. Have a look at the Career Returner page on www.talentkeepers.co.uk and if you’d like to make a business case to your employer, please e-mail hello@talentkeepers.co.uk... Read More


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Women Starting Own Business

Going freelance and starting a business can be like a love affair – passionate, exciting and all-consuming. After the buzzy honeymoon period of the first 3-6 months where you’ve been experimenting with marketing tactics and enjoying the general thrill of being your own boss it’s not uncommon to feel a bit flat, unsure or overwhelmed. [...]


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Hankering after a career shift upwards, sideways or just anywhere other than where you are right now…but feeling desperately immobile? I coach women through the swirl of career ideas dancing round their heads and accelerate their shift up the ladder or into something satisfyingly new. Confidence grows, focus is found and the resolve to succeed [...]


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