Making space for opportunities

In my Sixth Form days I had a wonderful mate who was a bug*er for leaving homework until the last minute. There were too many missed Monday night quizzes at the Brown Cow (with free chips!) because she’d not done the German translations due in next morning. Oh, the first world frustrations I experienced as a girl geek! Come with me for a four-minute deep dive into opportunities – making space for them, missing them and making the most of them.

Amplifying women’s voices

Why are women and girls less likely to speak in a public arena than men? And could a letter from a ‘role model’ change that? I spent a day mentoring a group of students ahead of a political debate in a Council chamber and felt cross with myself that I couldn’t coax more girls into making their voices heard. Later in the week, with the silence of those girls ringing in my ears, I was one of just three women (compared to nine men) who put a question to ex-MP Michael Portillo.

Employers I work with

Shaping cultures, fuelling talent

Coaching has a positive ripple effect far beyond the person being coached. I don’t just coach individuals though, I work to help employers shape their cultures too. Coachees talk about the positive impact they believe coaching is having on others; the opportunities opening up because of things they have done as a result of coaching and other people noticing positive changes. This is coaching at its best.

Media Mouthpiece

and Public Speaking

From BBC News and Woman’s Hour to keynote speeches and commentary in The Daily Telegraph, Red, Psychologies and Mother & Baby. “Jessica spoke with great lucidity and passion, and I know everyone in the room learned a lot. I particularly liked Jessica’s thoughts about how government can encourage men to lean in as fathers.” Seema Kennedy, MP

What I Do

Coaching bright career-oriented women

Hankering after a career shift upwards, sideways or just anywhere other than where you are right now… but feeling desperately immobile? I coach women through the swirl of career ideas dancing round their heads and accelerate their shift up the ladder or into something satisfyingly new. Confidence grows, focus is found and the resolve to succeed increases.

Comeback Workshops

Maternity & career returner support

Women from organisations such as IBM, Roche, EY, Cambridge University, Carillion and Standard Life have taken part in our ‘maternity comeback’ and ‘career comeback’ workshops. They’re free to the individuals taking part and perhaps you read about them in the Guardian Women in Leadership section? Participants co-create the agenda so it’s highly focused on their needs.

The horse's mouth

Coachees on how they've benefited

“It’s been remarkable – a huge impact on my personal and professional life.” Nicky’s getting better results from her team, she’s confidently approaching difficult conversations and is fulfilling a secret ambition to write a book. Read how Agnes, Dani, Andrea and Emmy say they’ve benefited from a short spell of coaching.

Are you in HR?

Visit The Talent Keeper Specialists

The Talent Keeper Specialists helps employers keep, retain and develop returning talented and valued employees through workshops, 1:1 coaching and culture-shaping initiatives aimed at line managers. We provide both off-the-peg and customised solutions through our select team of experienced coaching and talent practitioners.

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