70 minutes of passion

Two passions are better than one according to new research and in this column I’m inviting you to think about rekindling an old love (not the dodgy Friends United type) and giving it 70 mins a week.

Boundaries are better than ‘balance’

Through my work I have the privilege of hearing other women’s aspirations, concerns and insights into the minutiae of what it takes to be at their best. One thing that comes up time and again is boundaries. Not the leylandii/neighbour dispute type, but the demarcations we use to ensure we spread our energy around a range of pursuits. In this post I’m offering boundaries as an alternative to pursuing ‘work-life balance’ – a phrase I detest.

Mothers & Sleep

Hello you holidaymaking mother of character,

Now what’s better than sunshine and well behaved children on your summer break from business as usual? The answer from my POV is very definitely a bloody good night’s sleep on at least as good a mattress as I have at home. On our break in North Yorkshire the sun shone, our friends were as awesome as ever and we had a seriously good rest from the old routine.

The horse's mouth

“It’s been remarkable – a huge impact on my personal and professional life.” Nicky’s getting better results from her team, she’s confidently approaching difficult conversations and is fulfilling a secret ambition to write a book. Read how Agnes, Dani, Andrea and Emmy say they’ve benefited from a short spell of coaching.

Are you in HR?

The Talent Keeper Specialists helps employers keep, retain and develop returning talented and valued employees through workshops, 1:1 coaching and culture-shaping initiatives aimed at line managers. We provide both off-the-peg and customised solutions through our select team of experienced coaching and talent practitioners.

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