Fed up of feedback? Try Feed-Forward

Has anyone told you anything useful or motivating about what you do and how you do it lately? ‘Feedback’ is a skin-crawly, stomach-tightening word to many people, which is not surprising given most folk aren’t in the habit of letting you know they’d like to ‘give you some feedback’ if they’re going to give you a moment in the sun. However, many of us clamor for more of it because knowing where we stand (certainty) makes us feel safe. If you’re a people manager... Read More

Flourishing at work? Free tool

How safe do you feel at work? A trio of happenings has prompted me to ask, one of which was a thoughtful chap (who looked disconcertingly like Derren Brown) thanking me for creating a ‘very safe learning environment’ last week. Although we were 16 storeys up in a room with floor to ceiling glass overlooking the City, he was of course talking about psychological safety. I’d enabled him to talk out ideas among peers.   Six flourishing feelings at work Feeling... Read More

The science of optimism

In this post I’m exploring optimism – the benefits and how to get them. My daughter reeled off a string of things that have gone well for her recently and it got me thinking about the genetic and learned aspects of optimism. The work of psychologist Martin Seligman and others have shown an optimistic thinking style can be learned, although it requires long-term sustained effort. My daughter could equally have been the stimulus for a post on gratitude, something I’ve covered... Read More

Do you feel like an imposter?

The average senior professional woman experiences 19 episodes of imposter syndrome in the first two years following a promotion and 4.2 per year in a role she’s acclimatized to. Actually, I made that up but it sounds reassuring, doesn’t it? Have you ever felt like an imposter? Believed you’re not really up to the role you’re in or the task that’s in front of you; that you’ve somehow bluffed your way so far or got lucky and then been wondering how you’ll cope when... Read More


Do you know how amazing your mind is? How awesome you are?  Yes, you are astonishing.  How about that as a welcome to January?  (But no, this isn’t a celebration of how well you did managing all those people, presents, palaver and general overwhelm at Christmas – although I’m sure you’re very deserving of praise on that front too). It’s astounding what complex things your brain undertakes every day and in this short Flourishing Female mailing I’d like to showcase... Read More

Holiday Psychology

Do you know how to have a great holiday? I thought I did but given the number of letdowns we’ve had, our friends know there’s a fair chance they can bob round the day before we’re due back and be welcomed in for tea and cake – which makes me think I’ve definitely got a bit to learn. A number of psychologists have set about answering the question “are holidays worth it?” and this month I’m bringing you their top three findings to help you maximise yours. Holiday... Read More