Fearful? What are you assuming?

Wonder Woman

When I was 17 I thought nothing of walking a mile home by myself after a post-pub curry late on a Friday night. 19 years later, I felt afraid running solo along a country lane close to home on a bright, clear-skyed Sunday morning. Booze and youth, the critical difference? When I decided to write this post I thought I was going to invite you to take a moment to reflect on where... Read More

Complete Overwhelm


Sunday 28th June, lunchtime. Standing in a messy kitchen feeling slightly ticked off that I am making another meal, harboring the thought that if the world was a reasonable place weekend catering would be outsourced so I can get on and tackle ‘higher order’ things. And then I stop and ask myself what’s going on. I love cooking, I love inviting people to eat with us, I love... Read More

Working Mothers Holiday Enid Blyton Style

Enid B

We’ve been a long time in Noddy Land in our house (no really, this is a literary reference not me berating myself for a series of school girl errors of late ha ha!) and have recently moved on to Enid Blyton’s The famous Five. We’ve started with Five on a Treasure Island which is the first of Blyton’s much loved middle class, isn’t-life-wonderful, childhood adventure stories... Read More

Granny Au Pairs

granny au pair

In Mothers Work! I declared that perfect childcare doesn’t exist and that the fictional creation, Mary Poppins, would be struck off by today’s standards. Beyond nannies I share my own experiences of hiring an au pair to add to the childcare we already had (a terrific husband and wife childminding team) because like many working families we recognised the potential benefit to... Read More

Goodness Gratitude Me


Trawling through all the life coach columns I’ve written since 2004, I found this from January 2008 and re-publish it to help you flourish. In 3 years nothing’s changed with the NEXT sale in any case. Will we ever get bored of shopping? Had the women at the 4am opening of the Next sale not had enough of queuing, crammed car parks and overheating credit cards last month?... Read More

Power of Praise

Mums Returning To Work

Hands up if you think lots of nice thoughts about people but don’t always share them? Some clever statistician has worked out that performance at work increases by 39% when we give informal feedback about people’s strengths compared to a decrease of about 27% when we give feedback focussed on what people don’t do well. I run coaching workshops for managers to get... Read More

Coaching in the Garden


When I first started my coaching practice in 2003 I wondered endlessly about the ‘right’ way to run my business. I used to think about the right location to see clients and whether to ‘see’ them at all since much life coaching takes place over the phone. I wonder whether coaching over the phone has become ubiquitous because it’s sold to coaches by coach... Read More

Your Opinion, Please

Last week a friend of mine recounted a tale of bordeom-by-powerpoint by a chap who claims to know a thing or two about body language (how ironic then that he failed to respond to the crossed arms and glazed eyes). When said friend compared notes with other colleagues all agreed the presenter needed to up his game, especially since the meeting equated to 25 (lost?) business hours. “So... Read More

What is good enough?

I’m beavering away on the book I’m writing for working mothers. I’m writing the chapter that’s devoted to the idea of ditching or delegating domestic tasks to free us up for more interesting things. I’m inviting working mums to tell me how they go for ‘good enough’ on the home front via a short survey (please do it anonymously or leave... Read More

Life x3

Went to a play called “Life X3” (Abbey Theatre, St Albans) last night which brought to life an idea that often crops up when I’m coaching, namely that our behaviour shapes other people’s behaviour. Examining other people’s responses and attitudes in light of our actions and attitudes can be enlightening – if we’re open to it. Life X3... Read More