Self doubt – grip it and use it

Doubt gripped

How much self-doubt have you handled this past week? And when you doubt yourself, what’s the impact? I ask because a research paper I read recently concluded that self-doubt could lead to good outcomes. A couple of my current coachees have explored a specific doubt in recent sessions and that’s whether they can reconcile their values with their current jobs. One coachee has... Read More

Fearful? What are you assuming?

Wonder Woman

When I was 17 I thought nothing of walking a mile home by myself after a post-pub curry late on a Friday night. 19 years later, I felt afraid running solo along a country lane close to home on a bright, clear-skyed Sunday morning. Booze and youth, the critical difference? When I decided to write this post I thought I was going to invite you to take a moment to reflect on where... Read More

How to focus on the ‘right’ (strategic/longer term) things

Credit to Getty - found on the Huff Post website

**First published January 2013 – bringing to the fore again given what’s been going on for some coachees** Last year I invited you to reflect on your personal strengths, areas for development and something you struggle with that I could potentially address in my monthly Flourishing Female newsletters. ‘Time management’ was the single biggest theme for development... Read More

Affirming & Acknowledging


It was optimistic of me to expect to have 60 minutes solo for a peaceful and uninterrupted bath and yoga practice one Saturday morning recently. I really should have left the house and gone to the 8am Kundalini yoga class as planned. Standing in the tree pose with my hands at heart centre and my eyes open, my six year old  danced around like a loon determined to be noticed. I was... Read More

Managing different styles at work


What a fabulous picture – no name to be able to credit. New to line management? Been doing it a while and not getting the best out of some of the people in your team? I produced these tips for getting the best out of different styles as part of a leader’s toolkit for a well-known brand. Whilst I’ve offered the tips as a dichotomy, we all know that line management... Read More

How not to crumble when colleagues criticise


I expect you’ve experienced that sicky-lurching-stomach sensation that accompanies a colleague’s unexpected criticism or undermining of you or members of your team. Last year I asked readers of my ‘Flourishing Female’ monthly newsletter about situations/skills they’d like me to explore in 2014; how to ‘be assertive’ and ‘keep it together in the face of criticism’... Read More

Goodness gratitude me


** This post first appeared as a ‘Flourishing Female’ column in January 2008. I’ve pulled it out of the archive following a conversation with a coachee about gratitude.** Had the women at the 4am opening of the Next sale not had enough of queuing, crammed car parks and overheating credit cards last month? Or had they simply not got round to making their ‘doing... Read More

Persevering Job Seekers (from the archive)

three women at desk

**This post was first published 31/10/2011** This month as well as becoming very familiar with the inner workings of a high street bank and  J22-28 of the M25 (all in the name of client delight) I started to get to know a remarkable young woman called Victoria who has been searching for a job for 18 months. We met on BBC radio where we dissected the struggle for work many young... Read More

Personality at Work

Cross bland woman at work

Nicky Dulieu (CEO of Hobbs) has called on women to be more authentic at work. Market research by her business found that one in three women prefer a male to a female boss because women ‘lack personality.’ I read it with a balanced view of humanity and thought ‘yes, yes, we must let our personality shine’ on the one hand and on the other, ‘oh no, that’ll be some poor... Read More

Psychologies September Issue

Psychologies 2013_09

A pleasure to collaborate again with journalist Elle Tucker on a piece entitled ‘The work less live more diet.’ Elle came to me asking for my views on how to achieve work-life balance to which I said I don’t believe in it and shared my thoughts on boundaries, appreciate inquiry and intuition. Elle lapped it up and so the ‘holisitic approach’ was added... Read More