My mothers & guilt piece for the Guardian

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** First published on on Thursday 29th May 2014 ** I’m fed up with the mothers and guilt rhetoric. This week, Emma Bridgewater, the pottery designer, admitted at the Hay Literary Festival that she struggled with guilt while building up her business and raising her family. She said she felt guilty about her family when she was at work, and guilty about work... Read More

Mothers on Boards – research request to the FTSE 100

Vince Cable

You have a voice and if you work in a FTSE 100 company it would be terrific if you could use it to support a research request I made recently. On March 2nd 2014 I wrote to the main media contact for each of the FTSE 100 companies (the biggest 100 companies by market capitalisation listed on the London Stock Exchange). Land Securities Plc was the first to respond. Today, Sunday 14th... Read More

Maternity Comeback Coaching

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Maternity comeback coaching is about getting ready to return to your career and helping you make as smooth a transition back to your pre-leave performance as possible. The majority of coachees I work with in this guise are sponsored by their organisation and I work with them through The Talent Keeper Specialists. Have a look at the Career Returner page on Read More

We Time

we time

I love this picture and can’t find the person to whom credit is due. I contributed to a story in a women’s magazine last month about the rise of women divorcing their husbands and getting together with younger men; I’ve listened to a friend talk about the current – and I’m sure temporary – distance between her and her husband (as is often the case in marriage... Read More

8 steps to a smooth return to work

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Had a master plan about what was going to happen, when and by whom, before you went on maternity leave? Not to worry. Here’s the eight step guide what to  make your return as smooth as possible. Click on the take away icon at the bottom of the page to get the pdf version to do just that (take it away). And if you like what you read bagsy a copy on Amazon in paperback or kindle for... Read More

Women at The Top


Hilary Devey is back in the media today (18/3/13) and so I re-publish this post that was first published on 7th September 2012. My back is up after three minutes of Hilary Devey on the BBC’s two-parter “Women at the Top” (whaaaaaat? I’m screeching in a restrained, forehead wrinkling kind of way when she makes a throw away comment about women not wanting the top jobs enough... Read More

Power of voluntary work on CV attractiveness

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A CV that is polished, to the point and relevant to the job you are applying for is likely to get picked out by a busy recruiter and research by academics Christa Wilkin and Catherine Connelly suggests voluntary work is beneficial, so long as it’s relevant. This is likely to be very good news for women and men who’ve taken a career break to raise children and have spent... Read More

Senior Civil Servant Job-Share


Picture courtesy of The Guardian website Once the preserve of women at the lower end of a company’s org’chart, job-sharing is now happening in the upper echelons of management. At least it is if you know where to look or more importantly if you know how to ask. I wonder if that appeals to you or your colleagues? If it does, read on and please forward this month’s working motherhood... Read More

Babies in the office


Good on Addison Lee for giving babies in the office a go. Or good on their PR team for spotting a great opportunity to flag their brand to millions of people via the BBC. “Special and unique” are the words Addison Lee’s (the largest private hire company in the UK) managing director Liam Griffin used to describe his one day  ‘babies in the office’ experiment. Stressful... Read More

Mothering by Numbers


Journalists often call me asking for my views on working motherhood (there’s a whole treasure trove of it here) and lately the stand-out conversations have been around motherhood and numbers: what’s the best age to have a baby and what’s the ideal length of maternity leave? A stateside friend of mine has also been canvassing my views on the impact of upping her working week... Read More