So much time

It occurred to me last week that there’s so much time to do just about anything we want to do. Disagree? Curious? Come with me for 60 seconds…

Recruitment rejection feedback

It’s time for recruiters to offer feedback to every candidate who doesn’t get the job. London Business School research finds this is a key tool for driving up women’s applications for top jobs.


Has anyone ever told you how remarkable you are for the way you plough on despite everything that’s on your shoulders? Or perhaps you’ve wondered how a colleague carries on confidently undeterred by criticism when you crumble and ruminate for days in similar circumstances? I recently spent an evening delving into the world of resilience with Dr Carole Pemberton and in this post I’m offering five key insights to make you stronger and better able to withstand life’s batterings.

Making space for opportunities

In my Sixth Form days I had a wonderful mate who was a bug*er for leaving homework until the last minute. There were too many missed Monday night quizzes at the Brown Cow (with free chips!) because she’d not done the German translations due in next morning. Oh, the first world frustrations I experienced as a girl geek! Come with me for a four-minute deep dive into opportunities – making space for them, missing them and making the most of them.

Amplifying women’s voices

Why are women and girls less likely to speak in a public arena than men? And could a letter from a ‘role model’ change that? I spent a day mentoring a group of students ahead of a political debate in a Council chamber and felt cross with myself that I couldn’t coax more girls into making their voices heard. Later in the week, with the silence of those girls ringing in my ears, I was one of just three women (compared to nine men) who put a question to ex-MP Michael Portillo.

Making a professional pivot

In this post I’m exploring the practical and psychological steps we might need to take to bagsy a bigger or significantly different job to the one we’re currently in. Interested? Come with me for four minutes or squirrel it for when you decide you want to become Director of the British Museum instead of shooting for Head of Audit or to become a freelance wildlife photographer instead of doing PR for an insurance company.

Public speaking rebel

I received an invitation to speak at The Law Society conference earlier this year and a couple of weeks ago I went along and gave my talk “Flexible working – what’s new?”

Hands off managers (and holidays)

Not only do I think Sir Phillip Dilley’s departure from the Environment Agency was wrong, I think it was an incredibly bad decision. Outsiders shaming a person in a position of power into resigning because he or she didn’t return from a holiday when his of her organisation faced one of their biggest challenges is ridiculous. Virtue-signaling (which is becoming tiresomely prevalent in our society) was at the root of this shoddy thinking and poor decision-making.

The horse's mouth

“It’s been remarkable – a huge impact on my personal and professional life.” Nicky’s getting better results from her team, she’s confidently approaching difficult conversations and is fulfilling a secret ambition to write a book. Read how Agnes, Dani, Andrea and Emmy say they’ve benefited from a short spell of coaching.

Are you in HR?

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